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In 2014, it was upgraded to the provincial high-tech enterprise research and development center


Quality casting strength

The company's products mainly provide supporting facilities and services for Sino foreign joint ventures, the world's top 500 and large and medium-sized listed group companies, especially focusing on the refrigerator compressor market segment of the refrigeration industry. At present, the company is the core supplier of key parts for the national ice compression refrigeration industry

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Work together to create brilliance

The company takes "the most competitive powder metallurgy product expert" as the enterprise development strategic goal, and has long-term cooperation with Tianjin Aibo Rui, a well-known lean management organization in China, since 2019

Zhejiang Engineering (Technology) Center

The engineering (Technology) center of the company was upgraded to the provincial high-tech enterprise research and development center in 2014. The company is an enterprise member of China Federation of industry and commerce, executive director unit of China Association of machine tools powder metallurgy Association, member unit of China Automobile Industry Association, and member unit of district quality and Technology Association. It has successively obtained advanced enterprises in Ningbo City, municipal safety production standardization enterprise, municipal clean production enterprise, municipal environmental protection model (green) factory, municipal harmonious enterprise, and Zhenhai District Charity Award, district science and technology leading enterprises, district top ten enterprises of science and technology innovation, district excellent enterprises, honest private enterprises, small giant enterprises and so on.


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