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In 2014, it was upgraded to the provincial high-tech enterprise research and development center


Zhejiang Zhongping Powder Metallurgy Co., Ltd., established in 1997, is located in Shupu Huiyuan Road, Zhenhai District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, covering an area of nearly 100 mu and a construction area of 40000 square meters. It has a professional quality control and technical R & D team of more than 50 people. It is a professional manufacturing and service provider focusing on the R & D, design and production of various types of P / M core structural parts. With assets of nearly 400 million yuan, the company has passed the certification of ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system and iatf16949 quality management system, and has become a national high-tech enterprise since 2011. The engineering (Technology) center of the company was upgraded to the provincial high-tech enterprise research and development center in 2014. The company is an enterprise member of China Federation of industry and commerce, executive director unit of China Association of machine tools powder metallurgy Association, member unit of China Automobile Industry Association, and member unit of district quality and Technology Association. It has successively obtained advanced enterprises in Ningbo City, municipal safety production standardization enterprise, municipal clean production enterprise, municipal environmental protection model (green) factory, municipal harmonious enterprise, and Zhenhai District Charity Award, district science and technology leading enterprises, district top ten enterprises of science and technology innovation, district excellent enterprises, honest private enterprises, small giant enterprises and so on.

The company has completely independent product development, design, production and testing capabilities as well as complete mold design and production capabilities. It has more than 200 sets of various mechanical equipment, such as powder metallurgy molding, mold manufacturing, metal finishing and so on. Among them, there are international advanced level of different grades (25 tons - 450 tons) of powder metallurgy special automatic molding press (yoshizuka, Japan) imported from abroad Gasbarre, USA), mesh belt and Pushboat type sintering furnace, slow WEDM (Japan, Sadik, Mitsubishi), Taiwan Xiuchen, Swiss Agie Charles EDM and precision carving machine, as well as a complete set of physical and chemical testing instruments for chemical analysis, metallographic analysis, mechanical performance test, measurement and other physical and chemical testing instruments for the whole process of powder metallurgy production Industrial manufacturing provides a strong hardware infrastructure.

With many years of innovative R & D and professional production experience, the company has been deeply engaged in various high-density, high-strength and high-precision PM core structural parts in the field of high-tech industry for a long time, providing alternative solutions and mass production solutions for key core parts with complex shape and structure. The company has the complete independent intellectual property rights (process invention patents) of the whole process and core manufacturing process of powder metallurgy production, as well as more than 50 other kinds of patents. A series of new products declared by the company, such as machining free connecting rod, ABS automobile speed measuring gear, automobile engine duct cover, air conditioner bearing, etc., have been awarded Ningbo municipal new products and excellent award of China Machine Association powder metallurgy Association for many years.

Powder metallurgy industry is the core basic industry in the new materials and new technology industries actively cultivated and supported by the state in recent years. Its products are widely used in automobile industry, household appliances, electric tools and other industrial fields. It is an indispensable and important link in the whole basic industrial chain. The company's products mainly provide supporting facilities and services for Sino foreign joint ventures, world top 500 and large and medium-sized listed group companies, especially focusing on the refrigeration industry refrigerator compressor market segment. At present, it is the core supplier of key parts and components in the national ice compression refrigeration industry. At present, its main customers are gelilingda compressor, Midea Meizhi refrigeration equipment, Samsung (Suzhou) electronics, LG (Taizhou) compressor, etc Shanghai Hitachi, Wuxi Panasonic, Guangzhou Wanbao group, Haili refrigeration, Shenyang Sanyo, Jiangsu white snow electric appliance and other well-known refrigeration groups. The main customers in other industries are Japan's four major bases of Showa, Yamakawa auto parts, hande automotive products (Sweden), Jingcheng automobile industry, Ningbo duya Electromechanical, Ningbo Xiaxia gear, Ningbo Tianyi gear shaft and other well-known companies.

The production scale and economic benefit of the company are in the forefront of the same industry in China. The powder metallurgy structural parts of compressor occupy more than 30% of the domestic refrigeration market, and have been leading for more than ten years. According to the statistics of powder metallurgy Association of China Association of machinery, the market share of ice compression refrigeration industry in 2016 ranked third in the national powder metallurgy industry and the first in Zhejiang Province. In 2019, the industrial sales scale ranks 10th in China's powder metallurgy industry, and in the same period, the industrial sales scale ranks the third in Zhejiang Province. "Zhongping" trademark has been successively rated as Ningbo famous trademark since 2006, provincial famous trademark in 2013 and Ningbo famous brand product in 2017. Since 2012, it has participated in the recommendation and review activities of GB / T national standards and JB / T mechanical industry standards sponsored by powder metallurgy products Standardization Technical Committee of China Machinery Industry Association and China Machinery Industry Federation. By 2019, it has participated in 21 standard projects, 2 of which have been established as national standards and 9 as machinery industry standards.

The company takes "the most competitive powder metallurgy product expert" as the enterprise development strategic goal. Since 2019, the company has cooperated with Tianjin Aibo Rui, a famous domestic lean management organization. Meanwhile, with the help of ERP system, MES system and WMS system and other information management platforms, the company is continuously vigorously promoting and implementing lean management projects. Our continuous efforts to make "Zhongping" products exceed your expectations "is our quality policy. Taking the road of clean production, continuous energy saving, consumption reduction and low carbon production of" Zhongping "products is our environmental policy. Continuous improvement of quality management and continuous innovation and reform are the basis and criteria for Zhongping to maintain sustainable and long-term development.